Paediatric Wheelchairs

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Paediatric wheelchairs put children first. Whether manual, powered or specialized, these chairs are tailored to a child’s unique needs. For those with specific mobility disorders, specialized paediatric wheelchairs grant independence with assistive technology. And don’t forget about style – paediatric wheelchairs come in fun and exciting designs that give children confidence and help them fit in with their peers. The goal is to make the transition to a wheelchair smooth and comfortable for kids so they can get back to doing what they love.

  • Paediatric Aluminium Wheelchair 12″

  • Paediatric Aluminium Wheelchair 14″

  • Paediatric Alluminium Tilt Wheelchair 13″

  • Paediatric Alluminium Tilt Wheelchair 15″

  • Aluminium Lightweight Paediatric Wheelchair 14″