Aluminium Alloy Stair Stretcher


  • Stair chair stretcher, made of high strength aluminium alloy materials
  • Ideal facility for emergency staff to transfer patient to go up and down the stairs
  • The stretcher is mainly used for high buildings lift carrying patients and wounded people
  • The structure can be folded and the stretcher structure could get smaller
  • It is with two wheels
  • The back of the stretcher designed with two or four folded handles
  • Under the front of the stretcher with two flexible uplift rod
  • The stretcher is with belts to ensure the patient’s safety during the transport process

Product Code : NM/DW-ST001
N.W (Kgs) : 8
Load Unit (Kgs) : 159
Product size : 70 x 54 x 92 cm
Folded size : 70 x 54 x 17 cm

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