BABY Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Included Accessories

  • Main unit with integrated bottle opener and power supply
  • Adult mask with elastic strings
  • Pediatric mask with fruit fragrance
  • Corrugated pipe
  • Air filter (2 pieces)
  • Medicinal cup bowl (10 Pieces)
  • Shipping bag

Product Code : NM/RE.300900/02
N.W (Gs) : 220
Capacity cups of medicine (ml) : 7.5 (Max)

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BABY is an aerosol with compact and practical ultrasound technology, suitable for paediatric and adult use. Its silent, lightweight, rapid nebulization and ease of use, as well as the possibility of use with a universal voltage supply or rechargeable battery (optional), make it extremely versatile. The device can be used either by gripping it directly and approaching the face with the desired accessory (integrated bottle opener, fork or mask), either seated using the base support and the corrugated tube. Baby comes with automatic shutdown that runs after 10 minutes in case of accidental ignition or insufficient cooling. The device allows you to set three different spray velocities.

Technical Features

Operating frequency: 2.5 MHz + 200 KHz (-100kHz)
Power supply with AC / DC: 100-240V / 50-60Hz with integrated network adapter 12V DC with rechargeable battery (optional)

Absorbed power: 10 VA
Noise: 40 dB
Spray speed: Max 0.7 ml / minute with saline solution

Particle diameter:  1 – 10 μm
Operation: Ton: 30 min / Toff: 30 min
Dimensions: 6 x 11 x 16 cm
Warranty: 1 year